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Jasper Dark Skies – The Learning Curve

For the past three years Jasper National Park has celebrated it’s dark side showcasing the celestial bodies above it’s rugged and scenic landscapes. Most of the time we’re already tucked into bed too tired from […]

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Indian Ridge – Jasper Day Hike and Scramble

Traversing Jasper National Park’s Indian Ridge should be near the top of everyone’s Jasper Day Hike Bucket List. A popular ‘Kane scramble’ described in Kane’s Scrambles in the Canadian Rockes as; an easy, scenic jaunt […]

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Photo of the Week – Roped Up in Jasper

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Photo of the Week – Spring Run Off

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Paved Paradise and put up a Glacier Walk

‘Good news everyone’, Jasper National Parks’ saviour, the Glacier Skywalk, is operational! Can someone create a sarcasm font? On our final Jasper trip of the 2013 season we saw Brewster’s “controversial Glacier Skywalk project” in-the-tin […]

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Photo of the Week – Athabasca Ice

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Photo of the Week – Where is she going now?

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Photo of the Week – Don’t Feed the Animals

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Photo of the Week – Patricia Lake and Pyramid Mountain

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