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Photo of the Week – Granite Park Sunset

sunset image taken at the granite park chalet - glacier national park ©theexplorerlens.com

Heavens Peak and the Livingston Range at sunset – Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park MT ©theexplorerslens.com

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The Granite Park Trail – Glacier National Park

wildfire regeneration - the granite park trail

Wildfire reclamation along the Granite Park Trail – Glacier National Park, MT ©theexplorerslens.com

Today we took care of some unfinished business hiking the Granite Park Trail (aka ‘the loop’). We had previously completed all of the ‘day hiking’ trails in the Granite Chalet area with the exception of this one. At 4.2 miles/6.4km the trail is a relatively short haul to the chalet from the Loop trailhead but you pay the price by climbing 2,300’/700m in such a short distance. That didn’t sound like fun after already hiking up to Ptarmigan Tunnel and summiting Oberlin days before! Desiring miles over elevation we decided to punish our knees and go down ‘the loop’ instead – didn’t say it was a smart plan.

Parking at the Loop Trailhead we experienced a first – using the free Glacier shuttle system. The shuttle dropped us off at the Highline Trail trailhead at Logan Pass. From there it’s 7.6 miles/12.2km to the chalet and some of the finest hiking Glacier National Park has to offer.

After a quick stop at the chalet we left the jagged peaks and began our descent of the Granite Park Trail entering an area that was consumed by the Trapper Creek wildfire of 2003. The trail is an ecology lesson on forest rejuvenation and transition. Gone were the stunning peaks and vistas of the Highline replaced with fields of lush green growth clinging to the slopes and silent sentinels watching over wildflowers.

Definitely worth the trip but after a 19km day in the hot sun we were glad we started the trek at the Highline trailhead and didn’t have to hike all that way up!

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Mount Gould Glacier National Park – Wallpaper

mount gould glacier national park ©theexplorerslens.com

Mount Gould as viewed from the Granite Park Chalet - Glacier National Park, MT ©theexplorerslens.com

The link to the full-sized image that can be used as your desktop wallpaper can be found here – Mount Gould Glacier National Park desktop wallpaper.

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